Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Video Posted!

We've finished more stories! Tia Van's story "The Birthmark" is now up on our website! More will be posted soon.

The storytellers would love to hear from you. Please go to their Google video pages and leave your comments. (The title of the video is linked to the Google video page.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Featured Storyteller: "Proud and Powerful"

Interview with Storyteller: Melinda Haus Johnson

Why did you tell this story?

Disability pride is a concept that is new to a lot of people. I thought that hearing a personal story relating to disability pride might help others see that it really isn't some far-fetched idea. Rather it is something that all of us with disabilities can have and need to have to truly feel liberated as individuals and as community.

What do you want people to learn or question after seeing your story?

Disability pride is unique to each individual. There is no right or wrong form of pride or way to express it. I want people to think about their perceptions of disability and really question what disability pride might mean for them and how their life might change if they had disability pride.

How will or have you used this story for advocacy?

I have used it with presentations and it always sparks great discussions. It is much more of an educational tool to help break down attitudinal barriers that people with disabilities face. Every time I have use it, a different quote or picture seems to stick with each person that watches it - and I hope years down the road they can say, "I remember that story...."

Tell us a little about the experience of creating a digital story. (Would you do it again?, was it worth it?)

Yes, Yes, Yes it was worth it and Yes, Yes, Yes I would do it again. It is like taking a trip down memory lane as you sort through pictures to use and soak up all emotions that come with them. It also gets your creative juices going learning all the editing techniques and playing around with different music and sound effects.