Friday, February 5, 2010

CCISD Stories, Educational Settings

This week, I was at the Copper Country ISD to work with a SAIL staff member and students with disabilities from Calumet and Houghton High Schools. We finished six digital stories. All were wonderful! SAIL will be presenting at the Michigan Special Education Conference on their work with students in doing digital stories. I found the following resources on Digital Storytelling in Education:

The Center for Digital Storytelling offers the following:

  • The three-day Educator Workshop
    is designed specifically for K-12 classroom teachers. Participants create shorter, first-person digital stories through the process outlined above and also have an opportunity to discuss useful tools and practical applications for introducing the methodology into a classroom setting.

  • The University of Colorado at Denver (CU), in conjunction with the Center, is offering a Digital Storytelling Certificate Program
    -- a series of three CU-transcripted, graduate-level courses in which participants develop the skills necessary to produce digital stories as well as facilitate their use across a wide range of educational and work settings. The Certificate Program consists of our three-day Standard or Educator workshop, a ten-week online course, a five-day Facilitator Intensive Training workshop, and a one-credit, self-paced implementation course. (I've done the 3 day and 5 day training so far, not sure I want the certificate but the online course might be interesting if I can find the $$!)
Here's some links to resources for DST in Education.
There are so many links and pages! Just do a Google Search! "Digital Storytelling in the classroom". Or "Digital Storytelling Education".