Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Tube Adds Closed Captions!

I learned today from someone on the COAT Coalition mailing list about this feature! See an article about closed captions on You Tube!

I've been on MDRC's You Tube Channel tonight adding captions to the videos we've uploaded. We had the caption files already done, of course, as Google Video has had this feature for a while. I did hear from one person that when you embed the You Tube videos though, the captions don't work. I also noticed that the caption ability/toggle is cleverly hidden in the lower right hand corner of the player with an arrow pointing up. When you select the arrow, you are given the option to turn on captions.

Through the process of reading about this new development, I also found a resource new to me- a pdf file: "Providing Captions for Flash-Based Streaming Video"

Progress is good! And we were ready to respond. Let us know what you think of our captions on You Tube!

New Story Posted!

The first story from our class at the Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL) has been posted on our Many Faces One Voice web site.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Featured Storyteller!

"Will You Choose to Make A Difference?"

Interview with Daniel Burke, Storyteller

  1. Why did you tell this story?

    I decided to tell this story because I felt that it had two very important messages, first about overcoming disability to be able to make a difference and secondly the importance of public transportation.

  2. What do you want people to learn or question after seeing your story?

    I would like people to come away with the understanding that just because an individual is disabled, it does not limit the impact of the contribution that they can make in their lives and the lives of others.

  3. How will or have you used this story for advocacy?

    I have used this video to advocate for public transportation showing it to city and township officials, as well as transportation agencies in order to gain support for public transportation.This video was also shown to a group of individuals in the Arc Shiawassee's summer program to inspire them to get involved and make a difference.

  4. Tell us a little about the experience of creating a digital story. (Would you do it again?, was it worth it?)

    The experience of creating a digital story was a little intimidating, considering the limited computer skills that I came into this project with. I have chosen to do it again, I am currently working on a second video as part of a project that is taking place here in Shiawassee County. As frustrating as the whole process is, when I see what the first idea turned out like, I say it was very much worth it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in All Classrooms

A very large number of tools, including stuff for digital story telling. More than you might htink.