Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long Time, addition


One more thing I forgot to add! I presented about the Many Faces One Voice project in June at the 1st Annual Peer Specialist Conference "Recovery Hope & Healing: Living Longer - Living Stronger." The presentation was very well received. As part of this, I developed a resource list which added some links about Storytelling and Recovery:

  • “I think that my recovery began the moment I dared look back on my life. Until then, there had been only one official story. An essential part of recovery is to look back at what has happened to you and to make your own story about it. In fact, you rewrite your history such that it suits you. You claim right of ownership over your own expe­riences. What is important is that you and no one else, give meaning to what has happened.” -\

  • "…everyone has a victim narrative, and you need to tell it and know you’ve been heard before you can move on to becoming a survivor or hero. Victim narratives are not helpful if you never move on from narrating them; if you remain permanently stuck in the victim’s role.”-From the blog A Storied Career

  • Northern CMH Photobiography Project – DVD: To See What I See: The Stigma of Mental Illness

  • Confessions of a non-compliant patient - By Judi Chamberlin

  • Recovery Stories from the National Empowerment Center:

  • The Potential Role of Life-Writing Therapy in Facilitating ‘Recovery’ for Those with Mental Illness -

  • Nonprofit storytelling—beware of impact stories that don’t link to public policy -

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