Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some captioning resources

I am attending a Target center webinar on captioning today. It will be recorded if you want to see it later. Here are some resources:

Caption Tube: It's a free online resource for captions. Will connect to your videos on You Tube if you have a Google account.

This great website/organization

They have a wealth of resources on captioning. You can download a PDF of the captioning Key FYI. It's also on the web page.

The site also has information about audio description.


Thom said...

Hi there Kathryn! Thanks for linking to the DCMP (and the kind words about our organization) in your post!

The Target series webinar on captioning coincided unfortunately with my lunch hour, but I'm hoping to review the archived version. What was your impression of the session? Did they, by any chance, mention our "Caption it Yourself" resource, which lists a ton of helpful applications and advice for captioning? Any resources that the webinar mentioned that we're missing?

Kathryn Wyeth said...

Hi Thom! Thanks for link to the Caption it Yourself. It's wonderful info. I found much of this on my own over the past year or so, putting together our project. Having is all in one place is great and you've linked to some resources that will be new to some of our storytellers too!

The presentation was also something I wish I could have had available 18 month ago or so when I started learning about how to caption. It was great for people new to captioning.

I have to admit I was doing a bit of multitasking during the webinar so could have missed it, but didn't hear a link to Caption it Yourself. Not sure re: what you might be missing. Many of the resources mentioned I did know about already. He did have a list of some companies that do captioning as a paid service and some tips on working companies that were useful. And yes, the presentation will be archived and the presenter was willing to send a list of links to resources he'd mentioned, if you email him this request.